Marco Benevento Enhances, Engages & Grooves On ‘Let It Slide’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Let It Slide, from brilliant keyboard player Marco Benevento is an engaging mix of electro R&B and soothing grooves as the album mixes it up effectively and engagingly right from the start. 

Benevento is a self-described control freak when it comes to his music, but for this release, he partnered with Leon Michaels (The Arcs, Lee Fields) who produced and helped in the construction process. Less organic than past albums the duo turns up the synths, slick sounds and bass for a late-night cool vibe which bounces along easily. 

While Benevento has been growing as a solo artist, he is still a keyboardist first and the dynamic instrumental “Humanz” is an album centerpiece with its layered piano runs, horns, flutes, and a head-bopping groove; a clear highlight track. The broken into three-part “Gaffiano” piece displays a hypnotic quality each time one of the brief numbers arrive.

Outside of a Beatles inspired, “Lorraine” (complete with odd creepy vocals) the record is populated by the modern R&B groove beasts. Heavy bass populates “Solid Gold” while whistling infects the party vibe of “Say It’s All The Same”. The loose booty title track is greasy in its groove allowing all of the players to get down enjoying the musical moment while the deep heavy bumping of “Send It On A Rocket” is intoxicating.

Benevento’s vocals have never been his strongest suit and a tune like “Baby Don’t Make Me Wait” could be a strong soul stirrer in a guest’s voice. The funky burner “Oh Baby Can’t You See” amps up the vocal effects with better results while “You Got Away” chills out in an eighties neon vibe as skittering drum work supports “Nature’s Change”. 

Let It Slide joins a host of recent rock albums (Los Coast, Yeasayer) with a heavy emphasis on the groove while Benevento himself stretches vocally and drips around the keyboard for enhancements and flair.    

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