Nooky Jones Let Bright Melodies and Groovy Rhythms Shine with EP ‘Like Candy’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Minneapolis may not be associated with funk and soul the way Chicago is with the blues, but it did give us Prince. Now, following in the footsteps of Prince, is Nooky Jones with a new EP called Like Candy. With this EP, the band wanted to capture the energy and soul of its live shows. Even if you have never seen the band perform, you realize that the band members did a pretty good job of bringing the energy to this soulful, funky EP.

Right off the bat, you’re greeted by the bouncy melody of “Gimme Some More” that features some horns and organ working with the rhythm section, who are sure to get you moving. It works a similar groove to The New Mastersounds.

The band slows things down for “Pardon Me” – at the beginning Cameron Kinghorn sings, “I can see you wear that smile while you try to pretend that you would never make me feel like this again.” The lyrics throughout the song are just as heartbreaking. However, the sad theme is countered by the groovy melody that is driven by the organ and punctuated by the horns. The band also brings the tempo down for the jazzy “Everything You Do”. It may not be entirely accurate to call this a slow jam, but it comes close. 

The title track takes a turn toward pop both in the melody – where the piano is in the forefront – and the lyrics. It’s a song that you can easily imagine blasting from car windows and shopfronts in the summer. 

The EP closes with “After Two”, which features Cory Wong of Vulfpeck. This song cooks with horns that sound like the best of Memphis soul. If the bass line of this song doesn’t get you moving, it’s hard to know what will. Don’t be surprised if you get a little sweaty from moving to this song.

This EP is only five songs, so it does what an EP is meant to do. Namely, it leaves you wanting more of the bright melodies and groovy rhythms. Like Candy will be available everywhere on September 27. The band will celebrate the release at Paisley Park at September 28. It will be the first live ticketed event there since Prince died.

Photo cred: Kayla Koterwski-Tate

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