VIDEO PREMIERE: decker. Continues Captivating Live Journey Via ‘Greetings All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime’ Matty Steinkamp Short Film

The formula that has made Brandon Decker one of the most prolific, earnest and energetic frontmen in indie rock is pretty straightforward. “The whole journey of an artist is full of these polarized moments of doubt, hunger and, if one is lucky I guess, transcendence. I’ve heard Nick Cave speak about wondering if he has any more in him still to this day. Yet, there he is, ever-masterful. I have been blessed to be visited by whatever it is that I am following and I am proud of the growth. I have stayed hungry to create and connect and grow in that process and hope I continue to do so.”

Sure, his band decker. has been covered some by KEXP, Paste and some of the upper echelon of indie tastemakers, but if anyone deserves at this point to have credibility at large to that of The National and Dawes its surely the glowing transcendental and cutting edge rock of decker. The band has endured their share of all the trials and tribulations of a do it all costs rock band and then some. Their story is really a motion picture film in itself – so much that Phoenix filmmaker Matty Steinkamp created a revealing documentary on the band titled Snake River Blues. The Arizona based artist has released an abundantly fruitful six full-length albums since 2009, that all curate a continual story within the realm of the band’s desert influenced artistry.

Following last year’s “Born to Wake Up” Decker is due to release another new album – the inspired live concert recording, ‘Greetings All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime,’ which is set for release October 25 via Royal Potato Family.

The live album and film were both captured at Last Exit Live in Phoenix, AZ a venue that decker. has a longstanding relationship with them. The tight sounding venue just south of the hustle and bustle of the commercialized section of downtown Phoenix multi-tracks and record every set which takes place there.

Glide is thrilled to be premiering a dynamic short film from Steinkamp also titled Greetings All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime. This four-minute live film takes viewers through the hypnotic peaks and valleys of a decker. live experience within its spectral originals and reimagined covers, where your ears and soul are in the trustworthy sphere of Brandon Decker. Highlights include a thunderous take of The Doors’ “Five to One” a portion of a medley in decker. shows with The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog”.

“It’s a big, energetic moment in our set – one where I can come off the guitar and get up close with the audience and it follows this overwhelming solo section,” explains Decker about The Doors cover. “My whole mindset for performing has really become being blown open energetically and this particular part of the set is kind of right as that seems to really be taking hold, or letting go really. It’s hard to put words on.”

Its been said by many a band that your “truly missing out” if you haven’t seen them live yet, but never has the case been so true about these Arizona musical chameleons.

“Matty and I chose what we felt were the most powerful moments of the evening sonically and visually, says Decker about the short film. “We had played for about three hours and all of it was pretty intense, but there were moments I recalled as particularly powerful and moments from the audio recording that confirmed those thoughts – so that’s what we wanted in the film.  Then, Matty’s artistry and resonance with decker.’s vision helped him take it to other realms.”


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