SONG PREMIERE: Duncan Barlow Offers Sparse and Dreamy Indie Rock with “Love Me The Way You Do”

Duncan Barlow’s music career has always been driven by raw emotional expression and intense passion. His work with Louisville hardcore pioneers Endpoint exists as a cultural touchstone for Midwestern hardcore, and helped place progressive politics and allyship in the Kentuckian punk conversation. On his new LP, Colony Collapse (out November 1st via Eastwood Records), Barlow turns that emotional intensity inward, exploring depression, and the absurd comedy of heartbreak through shimmering, psychedelic guitar-pop. Barlow self-produced and engineered Colony Collapse at his home studio as a means of processing a particularly tumultuous time in his life.

Once the groundwork had been laid, Barlow rounded out the album by bringing in some of the friends he’s made over his years in the music world, including Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh) on bass guitar, and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids, The Shins) on drums, as well as mixing engineer Colin Bricker. Those who are only familiar with Barlow from his time in Endpoint and the Victory Records-signed hardcore bands Guilt and By the Grace of God, may be surprised by Colony Collapse’s sparkly jangle-pop, but the change comes as a natural progression for Barlow. Though he has continued to write and record music throughout the years, Colony Collapse—the first record to be released under his own name—marks Barlow’s re-emergence as a songwriting powerhouse.

Today Glide is excited to present an exclusive premiere of “Love Me The Way You Do”, one of the standout tracks on the new album. With sparse and dreamy guitar as the soundtrack, Barlow sings with a cool, airy mellowness that is at once pop-laden and calm. The song carries a left-of-the-dial, mid-80s power pop vibe that is accentuating by light and moody synth, subtly orchestration, and guitar solo that drifts gently over the sonic landscape. The song is an ode to the moment when you realize a relationship is going to end and the grief and confusion that goes along with it. For fans who may know Barlow from his punk days, it marks a major departure and a refreshing new stage in a long musical career. 


Colony Collapse is out November 1st via Eastwood Records.

Photo by Alisa Kuzmina

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