They Come from the Land of the Ice & Snow

Check out this cool (not for them) clip of real-life bumper cars in Portland, Oregon, the incredible result of a crazy ice and snowstorm.

And since this is a music blog, rock out to the title’s allusion in this instrumental version of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song by Bustle In Your Hedgerow.

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5 Responses

  1. Im pretty sure if i were one of those unfortunate folk on the street, Id have lobbed a few ice balls up at the jerk off filming me for fun 😉

  2. Tell Zeppelin to put their shit online, and I just might lino to them. As it stands, I can only work with what I have at my disposal. Also, Bustle is not a jamband, nor are they even really a band.

  3. Sounds jammy to me. And if it smells like, feels like, looks like, tastes like and sounds like, well . . .

    I’ll talk to Jimmy Page and see what he’ll let us post. Of course, there’s this version of Immigrant Song by LZ. Spliced hack job, but close enough for government work.

    Beef curtains, indeed.

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