Wednesday Intermezzo

Hey, look! It’s another clever name for a glorified link dump! Those two cats really know how to slip the easy ones past the goalkeeper…shut up, Richard.

  • It took a couple weeks (who says gotta-publish-now blogs are the only game in town?), but the good people at JamBase have finally put up a super-comprehensive look at the various New Year’s concerts from around the country. It’s basically perfect, with great pics and text taboot, only someone’s missing: Where’s Big Red?
  • This week’s Tapers Section contains many heady kickdowns from This Week in the History of the Grateful Dead, so check that out. And on the topic of free Dead music — get your entries in now for Hidden Track’s Live At The Cow Palace contest
  • Tapes ‘n Tapes in Paris, check that shit out. Zoot Alors!
  • Umphrey’s McGee just released the 37th edition of their podcast series
  • The chances look good for a Police reunion — Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, and Sting got together on Monday
  • Many epic rock concerts have been held at the New Haven Coliseum, which is being imploded on Saturday
  • We’re trying to pick out just one set of mp3s from Rock Music Daily, but there are too many good ones to make a decision. So go to the site and pick your poison, from the likes of Radiohead, Rose Hill Drive, and Los Lobos
  • Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Scaggs are releasing a new album on March 20th, and it includes a cover of Rick James’ Superfreak
  • SuperDee previews the Rotary Downs shows in NYC this weekend
  • Largehearted Boy takes a look at a bunch of interesting shows you can download via BitTorrent
  • Finally, our boy Neeko takes his shot at captioning this cool photo of Disco Biscuits’ guitarist Jon “Barber” Gutwillig from the stage:

How are you wasting your vaulable time on the Internet today? Anything sweet?

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One thought on “Wednesday Intermezzo

  1. Papa Reply

    keep up the great work guys ! and thanks for the link to largehearted boy’s even more BT links to hit up after work !

    good stuff

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