VIDEO PREMIERE: Mr. Elevator (Oh Sees’ Tomas Dolas) Creates Cinematic Lustre Via “Down”

Mr. Elevator, the ever-expansive project of Oh Sees’ Tomas Dolas is gearing up for the release of its new album Goodbye, Blue Sky out Jan. 17 via Castle Face Records. With this pending release, the band has released an  album art video for “Down” (below), which Glide is premiering. The band slings together slow blues lava of psych and art rock, meandering into a cinematic lustre reminiscent of Dark Side of the Moon.

“This song was an idea that started on an old upright piano and as it went to be tracked in the studio it transposed into organs, synths, and mellotrons running through all sorts of outboard gear and tape delays and then ultimately significantly slower tape speed playback,” says Dolas. “Lean back and let the invisible hand of Mr. Elevator escort you heavenwards for a spell…circling higher and higher you see buzzards on the wheel below…then airplanes…when you’re this high above the clouds the air gets thinner, the sky gets blacker, and the only way to go is Down/”

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