SONG PREMIERE: Indie Folk Outfit Little Misty Dwell on Motherhood with “Keeper”

Little Misty is a progressive folk band from Montreal. The project started from a collaboration between singer Kathryn Samman (Bellflower, Van Carton) and guitarist Francois Jalbert (John Jacob Magistery, Tunnel). Surrounding themselves with a quintet of some of the finest musicians and friends in town, Little Misty explores the limits of folk music, bluegrass and progressive rock. Their songs explore different topics such as motherhood, travelling and mental illness, always in a short movie approach; every song is meant to bring the listener into a world of its own. Their first record was produced by Joe Grass (Patrick Watson, Elisapie).

Their album, produced by Joe Grass (Patrick Watson), is set to be released in February 2020, and today Glide is excited to premiere the album’s first single, “Keeper,” which was written after a sleepless night, when Kathryn Samman’s  newborn was ill and she was in a particularly vulnerable state. The quiet and soulful indie folk reflects the lyricist’s complex and intertwined feelings of attachment, solitude, love and angst that came with her new role. Slowburning and peaceful, the song is accentuated with the subtle yet emotionally impactful presence of piano and a soulful electric guitar solo. 

The band offers their own story of the process behind creating the song:

“The song and entire album was produced by Joe Grass and recorded at Mixart Studios in Montreal during a week at the beginning of April when the snow was just starting to melt. We stayed inside, recording from morning until night, eating warm and delicious food cooked by our keyboardist, Jérôme, in between takes.

We sought to capture a mellow and almost meditative mood on ‘Keeper,’ which reflects the days going by with a newborn, seemingly uneventful, where one becomes lost in her thoughts.

There is also a sweet side to the song, one that reflects the loving and caring side of the mother, in all her vulnerability.”


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