ALBUM PREMIERE: Trends Fuse Indie and Post-Rock with Powerful Vocals on Debut LP ‘Palettes’

Trends never die. Social and cultural phenomena always cycle back again and again. And artists with a vital creative core can embrace the waves without getting swept away by the tide of changing tastes.

LA-based alt-rock quartet Trends have forged one of those intrepid indie-rock identities that allow ample wiggle room for artistic adventurousness. Essential to this feeling of unbridled creativity are the deep cultural ties and friendships within the band. Today, Trends shares its colorful collective musicality via its debut album, Palettes, which is out January 24th.

Trends cites diverse inspirations such as Radiohead, The Strokes, Art Blakey, Warpaint, and The Killers. The constants in this list are artists who created music that is accessible, exploratory, and ever-evolving. The band’s debut album, Palettes, is produced by Andrew Murdock (Godsmack, Avenge Sevenfold, Alice Cooper).

In addition to lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Marina Paiz, Trends features drummer Karen Moreno; lead guitarist and backing vocalist Abraham Urias; and bassist Jose Valiñas. Deep Latino roots bond the band members. “I think our cultural backgrounds have influenced our band relationships,” Marina says. “Latino culture emphasizes and prioritizes the concept of family, and that connection is very much at the heart of how we connect and interact as a band.”

Trends evolved from Marina’s lo-fi solo project to a fiery collaborative collective while she was studying music at a local college. While there, Marina met Karen, a prodigiously talented jazz drummer. “I didn’t like her at first, she was super happy and super loud,” Marina recalls, laughing. Acquaintances pushed the pair on each other and finally Marina softened when she was looking for a drummer. “I still made her audition,” Marina says playfully.

Karen brought Abe into the fold, and the group began rehearsing daily from 6 PM to 1 AM for the first year. “Even on our time off, we found we would go to each other’s houses,” Marina shares. Karen adds: “It always felt like a family—we’re there for each other and we care for each other.”

Palettes is an introspective and emotive album exploring how we grow, evolve, and process life’s painfully complex moments. Marina explains how the album title ties into its overarching lyrical themes thusly: “If you want to recreate something, you will never be able to match the same shade again—you have to let the past be the past.” Beneath this umbrella sentiment, are also themes of compassion, forgiveness, and reflection.

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the new album. Throughout the album, the band juxtaposes slower, more meditative songs with an almost shoegaze sound alongside a faster post-punk sound. The album’s title track is a good example of the former, while “Blanket Party” captures the latter with sharp guitar playing, textural synths, and ethereal background vocals and harmonies. Other songs, like “Ampersand”, unfolds with layers of melody and careful instrumental interplay before exploding into punk-infused indie rock. Harmonies, synth, and impressive rock riffing take center stage on “Branches”, using a post-rock soundtrack to back Marina’s strong, soaring vocals. Each song on Palettes captures the dynamic sound being crafted by Trends, and the band proves themselves adept at crafting rich, moving melodies and intriguing sonic textures. 

Marina Paiz shares the story behind the album in her own words::

“‘Palettes’ has been years in the making and it’s taken a long time to find the right people to move the project forward. What started as a lo-fi solo act became a tight-knit family of four. The past few years have been filled with a lot of trial and error, periods of nothing followed by rapid growth, and hard decisions. It is extremely difficult to be in a band, but it is equally fulfilling to get to play this record live.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to attend countless concerts and watch as small, hard-working local bands blew up and made it to the bigger stages. Now, we get to be the band. The high school versions of ourselves would be ecstatic that we get to create music, play it live, and enjoy every second of it.

Thank you to our favorite artists and bands for soundtracking the past 10 years of our lives and influencing us as musicians. Music has saved each one of us during difficult times; it’s brought us joy, comfort, a sense of togetherness, and much-needed hope. We’ve approached this record with honesty and authenticity and hope the music can impact your life in some way. Writing ‘Palettes’ has helped us grow both as individuals and as a band, and we are excited to release it and move forward together, with you on our side.”


Trends is out January 24th. For more info visit

Photo credit: Mark Tassi

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