SONG PREMIERE: Her Silo Reflects on Loneliness with Swooning Indie Rock on “Lowleenest”

Nine months out of the year, a monochrome mist hangs over the Pacific Northwest. Until the sun reappears, it’s easy to forget the vast, colorful palette painting the region’s criss-cross of ancient landscapes built by volcanic fire and carved by glacial ice. Don’t Forget The Heart That’s Beating, the debut album from Pacific Northwest songwriter Jessica Lambert, better known as Her Silo, is a sonic microcosm of the yearly rhythm in the Pacific Northwest. Produced by acclaimed indie-folk artist, Joshua James, the album (out February 21, 2020) follows lyrical and musical contours that explore anxiety, depression, and reckoning with the impermanence of human experience. It’s a beautiful torrent of light and dark, hope and doubt, colors and grays, presented with a poetry that is honest and organic.

In 2017 they began work at James’ studio in Utah, recording what would become Don’t Forget The Heart That’s Beating, enlisting the help of James’ regular collaborators, Evan Coulombe (guitar), Ronnie Strauss (drums), Stuart Maxfield (bass), and Aaron Child (cello). Together they drew from a diverse palette of musical influences. “On the road out to Utah we were listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska a lot. Also, Damien Rice is a huge reason that I wanted to play guitar. Lyrically, Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) is a big influence,” says Lambert. Exploring themes of anxiety, loneliness, and feeling unanchored, the songs are honest expressions of Lambert’s own journey.

For all its darkness and shadow, Don’t Forget The Heart That’s Beating shimmers. Alternating between color and shades of gray, Lambert spelunks poetically through the recesses of memory and forgetting, hope and doubt, where, depending on the movement of the light, magic and mystery can also be terror and darkness. With this debut, Her Silo emerges as an artist who can speak to the impermanence of springtime as much as to the hope needed to last through the winter. In the end, it’s the beating of a vast evergreen human heart beneath the shifting sunlight and cloud cover.

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of “Lowleenest”, one of the standout tracks on Her Silo’s new album. Fusing dark folk, indie rock and Americana, the song is brimming with atmospheric textures to complement lyrics dwelling on the emotions of loneliness. Lambert shows off her swooning and heartfelt vocals alongside eerie guitars and slowly percolating drum beats. There is an intimacy to her sound, yet at the same time it is easy to picture this music filling a large venue and it seems Her Silo has what it takes to do just that.  

Lambert explains the meaning behind the lyrics:

“Sometimes what we once knew becomes unrecognizable. It’s hard not to feel lonely or unanchored at times. Loneliness is something that a lot of people experience, or fear experiencing, and I think the fear of not be accepted for who you really are is quite universal.”


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