SONG PREMIERE: Steve Baskin Embraces Memphis Soul Sound on “Mind Your Step”

What happens when you strip away the technology and get back to the basics in the studio; real musicians and real instruments all recorded to real tape? This is something Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Steve Baskin aimed to find out as he approached Mind Your Step. Marking his fourth full-length album, it’s a soulful Americana offering that draws from the traditions of R&B, rock and country and is set for release on Friday, April 3.

“That shit was real” is what Baskin wants the audience to take away from the 10-track set recorded by Mark Neill, the GRAMMY Award-winning producer who has worked on staple records by The Black Keys, Anderson East, JD McPherson and the Old 97’s to name a few.

“Mark brought a couple of massively important things to the project,” says Baskin. “First, he is the master of that 60s and 70s vibe. He has a unique process powered by a set of 1960s tools and equipment that produces a very unique sound. Second, Mark didn’t let any of us off the hook without delivering the right performance. He wasn’t after a perfect performance, but it had to be right before we moved on.”

Pre-production lasted five months as the songs were fine-tuned and rehearsed before taking one step into Soil of the South Studio in South Georgia. The preparation turned into about 11 or 12 very long, tough days in the studio over a few weeks. “It was about as hard as I’ve ever worked on a record,” admits Baskin.

The magic lies in the grooves of humanistic timing, feeling, vibe and eye contact from across the studio. . . and when that magic reveals itself, it’s the take that makes you shout out loud, “that shit was real!” In this overly processed and manipulated world that is infused with technology, it can be refreshing to hear an album full of experience, warmth and personality. “The lesson for me from Mind Your Step was that I knew that whatever was going to wind up on tape was going to be what we played and sang live.” As Steve Baskin continues his musical expedition, fans can expect these gems from Mind Your Step to work themselves into the set list.

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the title track and lead single on Mind Your Step. Shining brightly with infectious Stax-style grooves and horns, the song is a soulful anthem that feels real and direct. Baskin’s vocal balance of Americana rocker and soul singer is a perfect fit for this R&B laced tune bursting with organ, a powerful beat, and a hard-hitting chorus. 

Baskin explains the inspiration behind the song in his own words:

“I’ve had this song in my pocket for a long time. The hook idea came from the mysterious lady at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam that comes in over the PA System. When you’re getting to the end of the moving sidewalk, she says ‘mind your step’ in the lyrical and lovely way. When the song was finally born, it came out as a Memphis-soul tune that reminds me of the music I heard and played as I was growing up. I’m super excited that this is how we’re introducing the record to the world.”


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