SONG PREMIERE: Hollow Fortyfive Craft Consummate Big Hook Guitar Rock Via “Fickle Heart”

Los Angeles rock & roll power trio Hollow Fortyfives understand the value of a break from the day-to-day grind of modern living. With their new EP, Weekender, (out March 6th on Baby Robot Records.) The trio has created a rollicking, hard-hitting ode to time off; a soundtrack not simply suited to, but crafted to incite house parties, late nights, impulsive trips and the specific type of debauchery that inevitably creates camaraderie. Weekender is a record that is meant to be played loud, and its sub-twenty minute runtime ensures it’ll be over before the cops show up. “We didn’t make Weekender for people to sit and listen to,” says drummer/vocalist Travis Corsaut. “We want something that makes them want to get up, party, dance, do something, anything.”

Hollow Fortyfives, comprised of Corsaut, bassist/vocalist Brett Incardone, and guitarist/vocalist Lucas Renberg, take their sonic cues from the rock & roll heroes of the sixties, blending those influences with a no-frills garage rock mentality and a fierce punk ethos. After releasing their debut album, Strange Times, in 2018, the band wasted no time in heading back to the studio to write and record Weekender, enlisting producer Diego Ruelas to help bring their songs to life after catching his attention at a show in LA. Most of Weekender was recorded at East West Studios, though vocals were recorded in guerrilla after-hours sessions at Capitol Studios in Hollywood.

Although Renberg is Hollow Fortyfives primary songwriter, Weekender features songs written by each of the band’s members, their disparate influences fusing into each other to create a cohesive record that still has the ability to surprise listeners. “We definitely reap the benefits of having three songwriters,” says Corsaut. “It rounds us out more as a group and keeps us from getting stuck in a rut or writing the same thing over and over. The three of us are all very different in our lives and influences, but when we bring them together, we’re able to mold those ideas into our sense of what Hollow Fortyfives is as a group.”

While Weekender’s sonic palette is crafted as a devil-may-care respite from daily life, Hollow Fortyfives aren’t ones to shy away from thematic depth. Throughout the record, the band explores concepts of choice paralysis, social inequality, and the fallout after experiencing trauma.

Glide is proud to premiere “Fickle Heart” a power-pop gem that radiates with swagger and melodic precision. Shades of arena rock era The Kinks, The Posies and The Plimsouls echo through Hollow Fortyfives bighearted rock presentation, tastefully merging the past and present.


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