WATCH: David Byrne Return to SNL With “Once In A Lifetime,” “Toe Jam” & Airport Sushi Sketch

Saturday Night Live musical guests are most likely chose for their current pop culture influence rather than their legacy status. That all changed this past Saturday night (2/29/20), as David Byrne brought his American Utopia ensemble to the iconic late-night comedy show for two songs and a sketch.

Byrne opened his SNL musical guest spot — his first since 1989 — with the American Utopia rendition of Talking Heads’ classic “Once in a Lifetime” as his barefoot band performed while moving continuously as they have throughout this three-year tour that has recently enjoyed a Broadway run and has been extended for 17 more weeks of performances this fall.

For his second song, Byrne performed “Toe Jam,” a tune that was originally released in 2008 via Fatboy Slim’s Brighton Port Authority project.  And in the Airport Sushi sketch, Byrne played “Baggage Handler Who Tosses Everyone’s Suitcase Into Long Island Sound.” Check it out below…

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