SONG PREMIERE: Human Resources Fuse Infectious Indie Pop and Electro-funk on “Girlfriend’s House”

2019 was an uncharacteristic year for Human Resources. On the heels of their successful 2018 full-length release, Champagne, the band signed with Nimbleslick Entertainment (Athens/Denver), which led to them playing more shows than ever before, filling small clubs in New York City, hitting larger festival slots (Fall For Greenville), and leveling up to professional venues in their hometown of Charleston (supporting Drivin’ N’ Cryin at the Charleston Music Hall).

It was a growth year that even saw major licensing sync opportunities become a tangible target for the band. Big changes for the private group who made their name by garnering millions of streams across major services, despite operating discreetly from their small studio in downtown Charleston, playing few shows, and not exemplifying what is often thought of as the “Charleston sound.”

Vocalist/bassist Aaron Utterback reveals, “We knew we had to level up and keep pushing, we recorded in LA with a producer with some clout for Champagne, we opened for Jack Antonoff’s (Taylor Swift, Lana Del Ray) Bleacher’s at the Georgia Theatre. We had to sit down and say, ok, how to we keep punching up?”

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Girlfriend’s House”, a song that reflects the band’s progress-oriented mindset and bold direction compared to the reverb-soaked dream-pop of Champagne. With a bouncy and infectious electro-funk groove, the production draws on a range of influences ranging from the slick coolness of Pharrell to the indie pop of Phoenix. The band layers on waves of synth over a danceable, funkified beat as the sings about growing up and making hard decisions. Experimenting with techniques like using one mic on the drums or stereo phaser on bass, the band manages to break new ground and give themselves a fresh new sound that shows they are dedicated to growing. It’s also easy to imagine the band performing this song in front of large energetic crowds. 

Bassist and vocalist Aaron Utterback reflects on the inspiration behind the song:

“It’s a song about growing up and making hard decisions. Obviously, the social flow guides you one way, but everyone has unique circumstances and different paths. There isn’t always a right answer or a single route to follow and that’s ok – it’s a sort of stream of consciousness from a singular internal conflict to this larger realization.”


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