SONG PREMIERE: The 81’s Bleed Combustive Noise Rock On “Four Way Stop”

A few years ago, lyricist Tom Siering met Nashville mainstay Tim Carroll and they discussed writing some songs together. The discussion turned into a recording project under the name, The 81’s. 2 Things & 118 Others marks their third album, all of which embrace great songs formed around thoughtful lyrics and Rock n Roll. With Tim on guitar and lead vocals and the returning rhythm section of Cameron Carrus (bass) and Marco Giovino (drums), the album also includes songwriter, Addi McDaniel on vocals and De Marco Johnson on keyboards, bringing an even fuller sound to the recording.

Siering, who has written lyrics for several artists as well as his own book of poetry, brings a lyrical style that is excellently observant to the world around him. Carroll, who has been entrenched in the rock scene since being a member of the punk band, The Gizmos in the 80s takes Siering’s words and brings them to life sonically. The songs range from the socially aware (Michael) to the heartbreakingly personal (She Don’t Want Me). Overall fans of the last two albums will be extremely happy to have this one to add to their collection and folks that have not heard The 81’s are in for a very pleasant surprise because sometimes you just need some Rock n Roll. 

Glide is proud to premiere the stormy rock of “Four Way Stop” – a high energy track of combustive noise rock that takes a punk edge sword to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The 81’s surely are knowing, willing and capable of being noticed, but since they don’t tour, 2 Things & 118 Others, is an album to be bled purely through your speakers or headphones.

“Very few of my songs are that personal. I’ve been with the same lady for 40 years. I was actually at a four-way stop and four really old dudes were at the various intersections. They would all start to move, brake, start to move, brake. I thought it was a great metaphor for a relationship,” says Siering.

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