SONG PREMIERE: Kyle T. Hurley Shares Mysterious and Moody Lounge Rocker “Riff Raff with Raf”

Kyle T. Hurley is a Philadelphia-born Londoner who cut his teeth playing shows in LA. His inventive style of rock n roll infused blues has made him a known entity, enlisting the help of Robin Banerjee, known for his role playing guitar in Amy Winehouse’s band, to fill out his own sound. Inspired by Led Zeppelin, Hurley is preparing for the release of his aptly named third album, III, on March 27th. The album was recorded at Abbey Road. As part of a burgeoning scene of songwriters in London’s Camden Town, Hurley moonlights as an A&R for Spiritual Records, where he helps to highlight other emerging artists.

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Riff Raff with Raf,” one of the standout tracks on the Hurley’s new album. Blending a bluesy sensibility with that of the kind of lounge rocker one might see in a David Lynch film, Hurley sings with a mysterious tone as he recounts a wild and intriguing scene at a bar in London. Intertwining with the vocals is a loping, windy guitar and organ, both of which add to the red-tinted nightlight mood of the song. 

“This song is one I lived out at the Spiritual Bar in Camden, London. It’s about the scene there- the madness and the mystery. A place where The Joker learned to laugh. A place where Frank Zappa meets Prince and dances to Canned Heat in a mild, slow moving London fog. It’s a song about Raf- the magical mind being Spiritual Bar and Spiritual Records, where artists from around the world come to be born, grow, and be born again in its maddening riff raff.”


III is out on Spiritual Records on March 27. For more music and info visit

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