Arcade Fire & Brimstone Redux

Who says God is dead? The Canadian indie rock outfit followed up its recent announcement of five February dates at Manhattan’s Judson Memorial Church by playing a semi-secret show last night at St. Michel Church in Montreal.

Thanks to a miracle from the Lord and an invention by Al Gore, you can already download the new material-laced show. But if God comes home early from dinner with Karen and catches you having a rock ‘n roll party in His basement, He’ll ground you for two weeks. Motherfucker may even smite you for two more.


From the Arcade Fire file description: “This was an unannounced show that was for the band’s friends and those who got word of it a few hours before show time. It was in the basement of a famous Montreal church in the Mile End area where the band lives/hangs out. As “local” a show as you can get. Be aware that the sound quality on this recording isn’t like a regular concert. The show was in a fairly crowded basement on a small PA system. Still, it captures a lot of the band’s energy, has some great banter, and showcases most of their new material.” Amen.

1/20/07 Unkangfirmed Setlist

1. Intro
2. Black Mirror
3. Keep the Car Running
4. No Cars Go
5. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
6. My Body is a Cage
7. Oceans of Noise >
8. Rebellion
9. Funny chatter
10. Intervention
11. Building Downtown?
12. The Well and the Lighthouse

12. Haiti
13. Power Out

(I know there’s two “12”s. It’s not my typo, but far be it from me to correct.)

Download or stream 1/20/07: Arcade Fire at St. Michel
Previously on Hidden Track: Arcade Fire & Brimstone: Judson Dates in NYC
Related Video: Pitchfork posted an exclusive video of Intervention from Friday night’s show in the cafeteria of an Ottawa high school

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