‘Heaven To A Tortured Mind’ Is Compelling Breakout For Experimental Pop’s Yves Tumor (ALBUM REVIEW)

Heaven To A Tortured Mind, the fourth studio album by Yves Tumor, is a uniquely intricate journey through the mind of the artist. Tumor is continuously updating and maturing in his songwriting and the album serves as a perfect canvas to create on. Co-produced in part by Tumor the album is an extremely cerebral approach to experimental music. Every movement has a purpose and every song on the album combines to make a fantastic album.

From the opening track “Gospel For A New Century” the powerful production of the album is immediate. Each track has a signature style while still remaining cohesive. What stands out on “Medicine Burn” is the old school use of synthesizers with an interesting rhythm pattern while “Romanticist” showcases their ability to write songs with a pop sensibility while still remaining experimental and enticing to the discerning listener.”Kerosene” is a standout track with a stellar vocal contribution by Diana Gordon. The song builds to its most emphatic sections with ease. 

“Dream Pallette” continues the albums theme of immediately grabbing attention and not letting it go by beginning with the sounds of fireworks going off behind the instrumentation. Tumor also uses sampling on the instrumental jam “Asteroid Blues.” With an amazing band highlighted by bass performances by Gina Ramirez and Yves Rothman for “Hasdallen Lights”, Tumor and his team have knocked this one out of the park.

The vision from Tumor’s former releases has all culminated to Heaven To A Tortured Mind, a 12-song odyssey that gives us a glimpse to the depths of their influence. It’s as dark as it is fun, a modern homage to previous legends like Parliament-Funkadelic. It grooves in the same way, yet maintains its dreamy and ominous presence. Magical & mysterious tracks for troubled times.


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