WATCH: Neil Young Creates “Shut It Down 2020” Song & Video

Neil Young releases a new version of “Shut It Down,” titled “Shut It Down 2020” from his current album with Crazy HorseCOLORADOThe new version of the song was inspired by fans reaching out to Young via expressing the elevated poignancy the song has come to represent during this pandemic. Neil Young and Daryl Hannah have created a video to accompany the track. Check it out below…

2019’s Colorado was recorded high in the Rocky Mountains and produced by Neil Young and John Hanlon and is the first new music from Neil Young & Crazy Horse since 2012’s Psychedelic Pill.  Apart from Young, “Shut It Down 2020” features Billy Talbot (bass/vocals), Ralph Molina (drums/vocals) and Nils Lofgren (guitar/vocals).

A message from Neil: “These are uncertain times. I wish you all the best as you care for our sick, the young and old who we love so much.

Sending the best wishes to all the health care and government workers all over the world, to all the scientists who will learn and share with us the best ways to ensure survival in our world challenged. Let’s all work together and stay positive that we will find a way. With love to all, in all walks of life, all political persuasions, all colors. We will succeed working together for the good of our world as we are here together, hanging in the balance of nature.” – NY


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