SONG PREMIERE: Heffner Showcase Guitar Prowess with Hooky Rocker “Higher EDM”

Heffner is a quintet that burst onto the Athens, Georgia guitar scene in the fall of 2019. The group comes from all corners of the Athens scene, with members from Wanderwild, Grand Vapids and The Hernies. Together they are capable of both breakneck speeds and high school prom-paced balladry, using genre-neutral songwriting to craft guitar-driven pop with occasional reaches into R&B and bedroom pop. Currently hard at work on their debut LP, Heffner is beginning to book shows across the southeast.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the band’s new single “Higher EDM,” a song that splashes through the noise with urgent, catchy hooks that they are quickly becoming known for. Despite what its title might suggest, this song thankfully couldn’t be further from electronic dance music. Instead, we get a charged up, guitar-driven rock and roll tune with technical prowess displayed alongside simple earworm lyricism. The band experiments with an array of sounds, at one point even blowing out their speakers. Ultimately, this is the kind of all out, free-for-all rock and roll we all need right now. 

Guitarist and songwriter Taylor Cotton describes the inspiration behind the song:

“Higher EDM is a lyrically a note to self, a reminder to dream but also to take care of what’s right in front of me. My highest form of education thus far, or at least what I care most about, is the daily decision to keep plugin’ towards being a better songwriter or brother or whatever and the friends that support me in that. I suppose it’s also a bit of a muse on whether or not guitar music is dead anyways. Who knows, really.” 


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