Five Big Grossing Films of 2019

Nowadays, films no longer seem to have an impact in the eyes of the viewer due to its quality, but rather depends on how much money they make. In this past year 2019, the film industry made history with several long-anticipated motion pictures with a few that even reached a billion dollars in gross.

5) Captain Marvel

The female superhero from Marvel was one of the most anticipated characters to appear on the screen, and she did it with revenue of $1,128,274,794 worldwide, making it become the number five in the top from 2019. In the UK, it reached the amount of $51,792,440, ranking one position higher at number four in the country.

4) Spider-Man: Far from Home

Another fellow superhero from the Marvel Universe and Disney production, Spider-Man: Far from Home became the 4th in the list with $1,131,927,996 in the worldwide box office. Despite this global success, the same cannot be said in the United Kingdom, as it got placed in 7th position on the list, behind other three fellow Disney colleagues (Captain Marvel, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Aladdin). It still managed to make $40,823,586.

3) Frozen II

Now, the bronze medal goes to the sequel of Frozen. This animated film witnessed a huge success back in 2013. Now with this second delivery, it became one of the most long-awaited and it didn’t  let down, hitting $1,450,026,933 globally and $59,783,055 in the UK sharing position at 3rd place in the countries list.

2) The Lion King

We mentioned Frozen II as a long-awaited film, well, The Lion King became way more than that. This live-action adaptation did not surprise the world when it made $1,656,943,394. Even better results got from the British audience, becoming the number one gross film of the year making $93,410,643.

1) Avengers: Endgame

The final chapter of Marvel´s crossover made a record not only becoming number one of 2019 but also of all time. With an unbelievable number of $2,797,800,564 in the whole world. Despite this, in the United Kingdom, it did not even make the top 5, as second place was taken by Toy Story 4.

As we have seen, Walt Disney Pictures has dominated the year 2019 not only in the UK but worldwide. With all top 5 grossing films belonging to it and making more than 7 billion dollars worldwide. As if it was Nowloan, Disney has become a sort of lender to many film producers who have consequently fall to its empire. These major corporations like Marvel and Lucasfilm that already used to make a big amount of money before they now serve under one same banner, the multimillionaire Walt Disney Pictures. 

Even with digital platforms such as Netflix and HBO, the film industry does not seem to be suffering that much of a loss in terms of money. Although the same results appear to occur every year, where most of both, critics and users went out of the cinema with disappointment, this now common method of re-makes and sequels seem to manage to make more money every year.

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