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Meta description: Do you like TV series with high stakes and lots of sofa gripping moments? Learn about the best TV series that put everything on the line right here.

What makes a good TV series? Is it the narrative? The characters? Or something else? A good TV series encompasses different things to different people, which is why our options when we open Netflix are so broad and varied.

For many of us, we enjoy a TV series that grips our attention with significant risks and high stakes. If you enjoy risky storylines that make your heart beat a little faster and your palms sweat, then don’t forget to check out these series.

Las Vegas

What could be more associated with thrills, excitement and risk than the gambling capital of the world? Las Vegas is a TV series that provides high risk and drama without verging into criminal behaviors too much. The series is classed as a comedy-drama with plenty of laughs along the way.

This risky TV series may be most enjoyed by Canadians who are also a fan of poker, roulette, slot gaming, and already play at a casino online.


You may know the Ozarks because of their breathtakingly beautiful scenery among the mountains, but TV fanatics will remember them through the identically named web series. The series tells the story of a family who is involved with money laundering – but it goes wrong. As a result, they have to relocate to the Ozarks and avoid being caught out. The show is a must-see and has received a string of award nominations.   

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is one of the most successful Netflix TV series yet. It tells the story of gangsters from a UK city make it to the elite of the country with big houses, lots of money and flash cars. In series three, a big robbery is planned which could make or break the lives of some of the characters, especially Arthur, who is preparing a new life with a new baby. But what happens next? No spoilers, you will have to find out for yourself.

True Detective

True Detective is one of the most acclaimed series from HBO. Each season follows the story of detectives who are uncovering a criminal narrative, including serial killers and alike. The show includes many high-risk scenes which frequently have viewers’ eyes pinned to the screen, even if through their fingers.

High-Stakes Documentaries that Will Make You Sweat

There are plenty more TV series that could have made the list, but there are also some documentaries which are just as risky. None more so than the frightening Free Solo, an award-winning documentary of Alex Honnold climbing a vertical 900m cliff face without any safety gear. Or how about Double or Nothing where a man will risk everything with a single spin on roulette in Vegas? Interestingly, the man in question inspired a character in the aforementioned Las Vegas series.



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