The Return of Bustle

Everyone’s favorite glorified cover band is back…for a few shows, at least.

Bustle In Your Hedgerow returns for a four-night engagement in late February and March, stopping in three states to fuck your face Led Zeppelin style. The rock quartet may only play together sporadically, but every time they hit the stage they’re ready to tear it up. As I said back in August, “It’s almost as if the four of them have been playing together nonstop since [their] debut. Talk about cohesiveness…I think this is the kind of overwhelming tightness to which pedophiles are attracted. That’s a horrible analogy, sure, but dead on.”


From The Duo’s website: “We have confirmed the return of the rock…Marco, Joe, Dave Dreiwitz and Scotty Metzger will once again reconvene to rock you. We are going to some familiar places to get things rolling, but we hope to visit some new territories as well in the future.” Here are the dates and theaters…

Feb. 28th – Fox Theatre – Boulder CO
Mar. 1st – Bluebird Theatre – Denver CO
Mar. 2nd – The Abbey Pub – Chicago IL
Mar. 17th – Mexicali Blues – Teaneck NJ

Stream/download some Bustle here: The band’s MySpace page; and July 31, 2005 at the Subterranean in Chicago 

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  1. And for anyone that’s interested, half of Bustle will be playing tonight at the Old Office at the Knit — Metzger solo at 8, followed by Danjaboots (Metzger and Russo). Gonna be a sweet night in Tribeca…

  2. it’s especially disturbing if you’re listening to david vandervelde as you read this. but i’m psyched nonetheless. classic pic.

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