VIDEO PREMIERE: Nick Kizirnis Teams Up With Kate Wakefield For Mysterious Noir Rocker “After You’re Gone”

Nick Kizirnis (The Mulchmen, Tobin Sprout’s Eyesinweasel, Cage) has been writing genre-twisting songs for almost thirty years, releasing numerous varied albums and playing small clubs across the U.S. But while he has mainly focused on guitar-driven instrumentals for the past ten years, his new solo album The Distance, which is due out May 15th on ATOM Records, is both a return to writing lyrics and a step forward stylistically.

Growing up in the incredibly supportive music community of Dayton, Ohio always informed Kizirnis’ work ethic, leading him to spend as much time lifting up other musicians within his own bands as trying to get his music heard. Jim Macpherson, who joined the Breeders in 1992 and recorded the platinum-selling “Last Splash” played with him in The Killjoys. Kizirnis’ alternative band Cage was the launchpad for Matt Espy, drummer for Dead Rider. His rockabilly band The Kay-Tones was the training ground for bassist Josh Hoag, who joined Asleep at the Wheel

But after the last instrumental album, Kizirnis said “I wanted to challenge myself to write lyrics again, but I also wanted to really push myself beyond anything I’d done before. If I was going to make another album I wanted it to be new and different than what people had heard from me.”

As if on cue, Kizirnis’ long-time friend, Austin drummer Mark Patterson (Robert Earle Keene, Billy Joe Shaver) temporarily re-located back to their shared hometown of Dayton, Ohio to keep an eye on his father and prepare for touring and recording as a member of Son Volt. Patterson offered to work on the new songs, especially with enhancing the song arrangements based on his years of experience in Austin. 

Kizirnis soon felt writing for his voice was actually limiting the songs. He invited Kate Wakefield, singer and cellist for the Cincinnati, Ohio based-duo Lung to the studio. Wakefield’s background as an opera singer combined with years of recording and performing experience brought a completely new sound to the songs.

“Kate brought a completely new dimension to the songs. The moment she sang them, they were transformed into something I didn’t realize was possible.” 

The dynamic chemistry between the two artists (and the band as a whole) can be heard on their new song “After You’re Gone,” a clear standout on the new album, and today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premier of the music video for it. Featuring scenes from the classic film Carnival of Souls, the song is a gothic noir rocker that features twangy and gritty surf guitar. Wakefield’s vocals are mysterious and enticing, with Kizirnis’ guitar playing offering a perfect complement. There is a throwback sound to the music that is reminiscent of groups like the Handsome Family and manages to balance a guitar-driven exuberance with a sound that feels suited for a smokey lounge or a dark drive through the desert.  

“After You’re Gone follows the trail of a collapsing relationship, as one lover falls to pieces and the other follows cautiously behind, waiting for the right moment to escape from the pain and madness,” says Nick Kizirnis.


Photo credit: Chris Cosenza

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