Andrew Combs Releases ‘This Is The Light (Quarantine EP)’ on Bandcamp

Today, Nashville singer-songwriter Andrew Combs has released This Is The Light (Quarantine EP)a five-song Bandcamp exclusive. All earnings from the EP will be donated to MusiCares’ COVID relief fund. Combs also released a music video for the EP’s third track “Fire Escape.” Check out the video below and purchase the EP here.

“This is a collection of love songs — for my wife, my daughter, the moon, an Ingmar Bergman film — all little pieces I love about quarantine life that I tried to magnify,” Combs explains. “The pandemic has obviously caused anxiety, pain, and frustration for many people, so it’s hard for me to relish in the fact I am able to stay at home and be creative, but I’d be lying if I said this whole experience has not been fruitful for my art.”

“Without any sort of pressure coming from the industry side, it’s been freeing to make some new recordings for fun!” Combs continues. “Everything about this EP happened organically. The songs were written quickly, recorded on my humble little recording rig (a laptop, keyboard, and two microphones), then sent on to musician friends to lay down tracks from their own home recording setups.”

The EP features pedal steel and electric guitar from Spencer Cullum (Steelism), drums from Dominic Billett, bass and electric guitar from Jerry Bernhardt, and Dan Knobler mixed, mastered, and played various instruments. Filmmaker Austin Leih produced the video for “Fire Escape” and is currently working on another for the track “Your Light, Your Love.”

This Is The Light (Quarantine EP) Tracklist

  1. Your Light, Your Love
  2. This Is The Light
  3. Fire Escape
  4. To Love Someone
  5. Through The Glass

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