Gangstagrass Announce New Album ‘No Time For Enemies’, Share Single “Nickel and Dime Blues”

Gangstagrass spends time hanging in Fountain Square for a promo shoot before their show at the HiFi on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Photo cred Melodie Yvonne

Celebrated hip-hop/bluegrass hybrid Gangstagrass release their most anticipated single to date, Nickel and Dime Blues, on Friday, May 15th via AntiFragile Music. This single will serve as a prelude to the group’s new album, No Time For Enemies, due July 24, 2020. The band has been writing and producing music during the COVID-19 lock down, to bring the world upbeat and inspiring messages of solidarity and struggle.

“I am thrilled that we signed Gangstagrass and releasing this forthcoming album, their nonpareil blend of hip hop and bluegrass had me hooked from the very first note hearing them at Folk Alliance 2019, their music fuses two of our greatest musical genres into a singularly unique impactful sound”- Tom Sarig – President, AntiFragile Music

In an era when the social, racial, musical and economic divisions between Americans have become more strained, Gangstagrass is providing a glimpse of the kind of conversations about race and power that we could be having if we were ready to listen.

Thematically, No Time For Enemies grapples with the dual crises of race relations and politics in modern day America. Nickel and Dime Blues stays on this track, speaking on issues such as financial insecurity and healthcare. Nickel and Dime Blues showcases the band’s Bluegrass side, with the pickers grooving against a funky clap track. Dan Whitener sings lead and follows a poor worker into a pharmacy where he is unable to afford medicine, a liquor store to discover he can’t afford to buy a bottle to sooth his worries and ultimately to prison . Fiddle, banjo and scratching fill the space between country crooning and raps describing widely shared hardships. “We believe in talking about the economic struggle,” Rench says. “These are things folks across the country can relate to – rural and urban, black and white – despite thinking that they’re so different. We have to unlock solidarity.” 

“Well I went on down to the corner store Just to get a little bottle of pills Cause the man on the television told me There’s a cure for all my ills Well I walked on up to the counter And I told him what I had He said “You ain’t got no money, You can’t afford to be feeling so bad” 

– Nickel and Dime Blues 

The music on the new Gangstagrass release, No Time For Enemies, is upbeat, but the lyrics are more political than previous fare. “As a multi-racial band, that bridges American musical cultures, we walk the walk when we sing about getting real on the subject of racism.”

Photo Credit: Melodie Yvonne

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