SONG PREMIERE: Easy Love (Justine Brown) Shines with Catchy Dream Pop Sound on “Never Alone”

Easy Love is the solo project of Justine Brown, a multi-instrumentalist and DIY artist based in southern California. Wander Feeler, Easy Love’s sophomore album is being released by Loantaka Records June 26th on 12” vinyl, for paid download and via all major streaming platforms. 

Wander Feeler is a summary of sentiments arising from long drives, of reflections of relationships beginning and ending, of the feeling of freedom dissolving upon arriving home from traveling, and of the constant struggle with self-worth. Justine’s instrumentals are the glue that holds it together; the sweetness one craves next after eating something savory. She wanted to create an album that flows naturally from start to finish, suggests the feeling of knowing what song is going to come on next, and gets you excited about it. Listening to whole albums over and over until they are memorized may be a rare past time today, but it’s something Justine still does regularly. 

Recorded in just one week during the month of January 2019, Wander Feeler was engineered and mixed by Eric Penna. He offered his newly built home studio outside of Boston to bring the project to life. Penna contributed to each song by carefully selecting from his collection of vintage equipment for Justine to use. 

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Never Alone,” a standout track that lures you in with a slide guitar riff and ends with layered vocals cushioned on top of an auto-harp, soothing you like ocean waves at sunset. Indeed, the song has a dreamy, sun-washed sound that complements Justine’s vocals in a way that is reminiscent of Mazzy Star, but a bit more playful. Coming in at exactly two minutes, the song is striking in its shimmering pop simplicity. 

Justine Brown shares the inspiration behind the song:

“This song is a tribute to my friends. When I wrote it I was feeling lonely because I didn’t have a romantic partner at the time. I realized that my friends have always been there for me. This was a reminder to look to them for support during my low moments.”


Photo credit: Joy Newell

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