ALBUM PREMIERE: Junko Beat Strive For Amalgamation of New Orleans Funk and Worldly Sounds on ‘Satirifunk’

Chris Lacinak started playing professionally at age 16, performing in street parades, at neighborhood clubs, Bourbon Street tourist traps, hotel lounges… you name it. Over the years, he’d perform with many iconic NOLA musicians including Henry Butler, Gatemouth Brown, Tab Benoit, Papa Mali, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolias as well as Jazzmen like Rick Margitza, Carmen Lundy, Sandy Patton and many others. During a 10 year stay in NYC he was a member of Family of God along with alumni from Echo & The Bunnymen and Siouxsie & The Banshees.

He’s also conducted drum clinics worldwide and published two drum method books including A Modern Approach to New Orleans “Second Line” drumming. He is former faculty member of the Drummers Collective in NYC.

Junko Beat was formed in 2012 upon Lacinak’s return to New Orleans after a year spent in Los Angeles formulating his venture for this new venture. He reconnected with bassist Vernon Rome whom he’d played with in the successful local outfit Tribe Nunzio. Next, he recruited cellist Will Snowden who he’d met buying an instrument for a niece. This core trio worked with a variety of guest musicians for live performances and to record Junko Beat’s debut album Jamkronic.

Satirifunk is the band’s sophomore effort The album was recorded over a two year period at New Orleans’ Big Branch Ranch, Rabadash and Word of Mouth studios respectively, documenting the stylistic experimentation the band was pursuing in their live performance. Produced by the group’s founder, drummer/composer, Chris Lacinak, Satirifunk is being released on 12” vinyl, CD and as a paid download on June 5 by Drumparade Records, available at

Today, Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the new record. With this album, the band succeeds in fusing the rhythm-heavy traditions of classic New Orleans funk, raw, West African tribal-Jazz, myriad Latin-Caribbean sounds as well as rock with the hypnotic, trance-inducing effect of cutting-edge electronic dance music. Their immersive polyrhythmic grooves are interwoven with graceful melodies and daring solo improvisations. Their lyrics make a forceful response to ongoing onslaught of negative experiences too many people all around the world are subjected throughout their lives whether it’s on the job, in their relationships, contemplating the political scene, or spending time on social media. Indeed, this is a multi-faceted amalgamation of sounds that are at once danceable and contemplative. When considered alongside the New Orleans canon of music and history, this is something that is both totally different yet still rooted in the funk, jazz, soul and groove of the culturally rich Crescent City. 

Chris Lacinak describes the inspiration behind the album:

“Growing up in New Orleans I couldn’t help to be influenced by the rich musical heritage. However, I have always tried to stretch the New Orleans musical traditions to include an eclectic array of styles. I like the idea of combining elements of Afro N.O. funk rhythms with Rock , Classical, Hypnotic Trans, Jazz and Jam Band sensibilities. ‘SATIRIFUNK’ attemps a sonic map taking the listener from the awareness of social conditions to hopefully Nirvana.” 


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