VIDEO PREMIERE: Lesibu Grand Tackle Distress and Emotional Fatigue with Buoyant Indie Pop Tune “Jennifer, My Girl”

Comprised of duo Tyler-Simone Molton and John Renaud, Atlanta-based band Lesibu Grand prides itself on its melting pot of musical styles and cultures, pivoting from grungy punk rock one minute (early single “Miranda”) to smoky latin blues (“Mi Sueno”), the strength of their vision and restless creative spark propels them through genre after genre without ever losing an ounce of their singular identity, much like their hometown. To hear the band tell it, it’s these unique juxtapositions that define them: “Our special sauce comes from our relationship, both the obvious differences – age, race, and sex – and the musical ones.” Ultimately, they admit, “we are striving to fill a large gap, and which gives us ample room to explore the human condition.”

Harnessing the new-wave sensibilities of golden-era Blondie while keeping their feet firmly planted the alternative unpredictability of early Pixies, the band brings their songwriting chops to the world with the release of their latest single and video “Jennifer, My Girl,” and today Glide is excited to share an exclusive premiere of both. Shot in collaboration with East Atlanta’s Sailorface, the video is bathed in somber blues, reflecting the strife of their hometown as Molton reassuringly sings into a fractured mirror. The video also serves to expand the scope of the band’s seemingly personal narratives to include comments and questions on national identity, escapism, and the extremely prescient topic of anxiety in America. While it may not have been directly inspired by our all-too-frequent situation of police brutality and the resulting protests, the melancholy feeling of helplessness and not being afraid speaks to the feelings of many in society as we face down systemic racism, hate, a pandemic, and a despicable president. Ultimately, the song analyzes emotional fatigue and distress, which pretty much everyone on the planet can relate to at this point. Coming in at under three minutes, the song is a buoyant morsel of indie-pop and alt rock, with Molton’s strong and beautiful vocals rising above a chorus of decaying harmonies. Lush, reverberating guitars and a subtle bass line complement the vocals to make for a song that is at once calming and thought-provoking. 

Singer Tyler-Simone Molton dsscribes the inspiration behind the song:

“This song is an emotional support letter to my younger sister, Jennifer, who was feeling helpless and overwhelmed by all the want and injustice in the world. I wanted to calm her nerves and make her feel loved and protected. I think Jennifer, My Girl translates well into current events because so many of us are worried, scared and outraged by what we are seeing outside our door. Whether it’s COVID-19, police brutality, institutional racism, or any number of other problems, these are deadly and uncertain times.

People are on the brink and they need emotional comfort. Sometimes to get that comfort we have to take shelter from the outside world. Like the older sister in the song says, “I know you might be afraid/Don’t know what’s coming your way/Why not breathe, g’on and let tomorrow worry ‘bout tomorrow, tomorrow/And today, today.” We are not suggesting people turn a blind eye to all the issues we face, in fact we encourage active involvement, but we also think its important to find moments of solace and comfort with those we love during times of acute distress so we can recharge, get centered, and open our door to this troubled world again.”


Lesibu Grand will host a special livestream on June 5 at 9PM EST on the Glide Facebook page!

Photo by Daniyal Tahir

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