WATCH: Ron Gallo Delivers His Take On Crafty Pop With “You Are Enough” Video

Genre-bending artist Ron Gallo is back with a whole new unique mashup of influences creating his version of “pop music” with his latest video, “You Are Enough“. A song of affirmation and feeling good about yourself. “You Are Enough” brings an empowering message and bright instrumentation to build everyone up during these turbulent times. Check it out below..

“I’m back baby and I dedicate track 1 to anyone feeling beat down and inferior, especially those made to feel this way by an entire system. It is called “YOU ARE ENOUGH” and I want people to get ready in the morning to this song and then go dismantle shit (safely) or just kick back and enjoy being themself. What started as an affirmation for my love, Chiara, has evolved into something much more universal. A strange time to release music but I chose to stay on track because this is just as much about Now as it was when I wrote it. I always want to do whatever I can to balance out the heaviness and evil in the world and build the people up that need to be reminded of their power right now.” says Gallo.

For the video, “It’s me 3 months into quarantine, staring out the window reliving the last year in my head via a phone video dump of the last captured moments I have of the “old world”. Scenes from my time in italy with Chiara, recording, dealing with immigration issues, returning home and ending with the Nashville tornado and black lives matter protest aftermath.

Photo Cred: Chiara D’Anzieri

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