The Underestimated Music in Games

The Underestimated Music in Games

When video game music comes to mind, it’s usually the iconic soundtracks of classic games like Street Fighter 11, Tetris, and Super Mario Bros that we hear. Of course, these soundtracks are considered to be among the greatest in the history of gaming. However, thanks to technological advancements, there have been some huge changes in video game soundtracks that now play an integral role in the telling of the stories.

It applies to not only traditional video games, but also to online video slots. To recreate the special feeling you get in a casino, the music and sounds are very important. The next time that you play at a live casino close your eyes and notice how the sounds add to the experience. Whether a video game or a video slot, it’s hard to deny the impact felt by a well-crafted soundtrack.

The Importance of Music

Music can establish a story’s tone, as well as control emotion. Film fans consider a great soundtrack to set the tone in a scene. It’s the same with video games. The main difference is that video games enable a more immersive experience. You’re in control of a character rather than just watching everything going on. However, some games allow the player to turn off the sound. That only motivates game developers to feature a soundtrack that creates an atmosphere that draws the player in to the degree that they won’t even consider turning it off.

Developers in recent years have become masters at creating soundtracks with an atmosphere that keeps the player locked into the action. Some even depict a terrifying eeriness, in the horror genre especially. Games like Dead Space already feature a scary story and concept. When the soundtrack is added to the mix, the tension is increased even more. 

Delving Deeper

Atmospheric soundtracks exist outside of the horror genre too. Many First-Person Shooters and Action games have come to the conclusion that a driving soundtrack has the ability to establish an enhanced gaming experience. For example, the latest Doom was an attempt at breathing new life into a dying franchise. The reboot revisited the game’s roots with chairs and constant movement while facing battles and hunting demons. Gamers loved the new Zoom. The music creates a rush of adrenaline like new oner game soundtracks can. 

Doom is more than simply heavy metal and chaos, however. It also features a number of throwbacks to the soundtrack that accompanied the original game. Only they’re presented here in a new way. Once the violence has stopped, you’re free to wander, as more atmospheric and calmer music comes in to play, which offers a nice contrast. 

Real-World Scenarios

For many, Grand Theft Auto ranks among the greatest game franchises ever created. One aspect of the game that is under-appreciated is its soundtrack. The game has a number of radio stations that the player can choose from while driving. This method of presenting a soundtrack portrays how we listen to music in real life.

Other games have since followed suit and have even taken it further. For example, Saints Row 2 has copied the same approach, but they also allow these to create their own mixtapes using any selection of songs available within the game. This offers the player the opportunity to create their own soundtrack.

Wrap Up

As more and more gamers gave begun to appreciate the all-important soundtrack, they’ve stepped up to the plate and created music that’s even bigger and even more impressive. This is a trend that should continue in the years ahead, which is great news both for the music and video game industries.

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