VIDEO PREMIERE: Golding Turn Isolation into Sensual Synth Pop Anthem on “Alone. Together.”

Golding combines the lush vocals of Orange County-native Jay Bainbridge and production from Matt Bartlem of the sunny Gold Coast. An indie-electronic project formed from the duo’s love for intricately crafted beats, melody and harmony.

With a meticulously composed sound that draws inspiration from artists such as Alt-J and Phoenix, Golding experiments with melody, beats and space in a way that seeps into your subconscious, swirling around your mind and overtaking your senses.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the video for Golding’s synth driven sophomore single “Alone. Together.” The song finds Golding layering intoxicating harmonies with indie-dance nuances. With lush synths and beats, and cool grooves, the duo gives us an isolation anthem highlighting the blissful side of being locked down with loved ones. Mixing 80s synth pop with modern indie dance music and sensual vocals and lyrics, Golding manage to transform the very unsexy idea of being quarantined at home into a dance club fantasy. This is the kind of escapism we could all use these days, and the visuals that accompany the music portray the home turned into a dark and sweaty night club with a clear message of making the best of what you have in this moment and still managing to let loose. 

Jay Bainbridge describes the inspiration and process behind the song and video:

“When we were coming up with the concept for the clip with our friends Josh and Rico we really wanted to make something that would both complement and add another dimension to the track. It’s a simple enough story, but we wanted to add our own spin to a situation that most people in relationships have found themselves in before and could relate to.

It starts with myself (Jay) trying to get in touch with his partner after a pretty boozy night out, but the phone’s ringing out… She’s not totally happy with the situation. After getting driven home (by myself?) I try to use all my charm to win her back and continue the night and the good times with her.

There’s also a lot of random and fun quirky elements in the clip that kind of illustrate what the world looks like to you when you’re a little fucked up, like the glowing motorcycle helmet and stepping stones made of random objects from the house to name a few.

Apart from the story line, we also wanted to get the mood and feel of the clip just right. The song is very cheeky and fun, so we didn’t want the clip to be too obvious in both tone and subtext. Our amazing team really helped realise our vision perfectly, and put in an all star effort working around the clock during a really challenging time, to make something that we are all super proud of.

Spoiler alert… At the end of the clip when everything fades to black and you think the clip is over, it’s in fact a setup for our next clip and asks some imaginative questions about what really happed after that last scene. To be continued…”


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