Osees Return With Another New LP ‘Metamorphosed’ Out 10/16

Osees may very well be the most prolific band on the planet rivaling that of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and Ty Segall. Having just released Protean Threat, they are back again with yet another. You can now add the Metamorphosed 12” to your ever deeper shelf sagging row of John Dwyer & Co’s seemingly no sleep release schedule. The five tracks were taken from the sessions that formed 2019’s Face Stabber album, a 17 track/80+ minute jammified four-sider. Metamorphosed would have been the perfect third LP to fit in with the other two. Check out “Electric War” off Metamorphosedwhich is due out 10/16 on Rock Is Hell.

Henry Rollins recently talked to John Dwyer to pick his brain on the new album…

As to the Metamorphosed coming out so long after Face Stabber:
This is just how the release landed. We are trying to stagger the releases a bit this year and we have a salvo coming down the pipe, so that’s how the cookie crumbled. Metamorphosed would’ve been out sooner but with the virus restrictions, shipping of LPs has obviously slowed down and so has manufacturing, so here we are.  

It’s worthwhile to note the Face Stabber sessions also resulted in the 12” Synth, a two track deal released in November 2019. So, what was happening in the studio that rendered almost three hours of finished music? 
Just the usual run with ideas. Usually this takes place at the end of the planned recording. We have extra time and tape to lay down some deep cuts and long jams, etc., the fun part, really. 

It’s a test to keep up with Dwyer and his extraordinarily able bandmates. It seems like there’s always something on the way to the pressing plant. When and how did Metamorphosed come together? 
Basically I found myself with a 12”s worth of material in the new year and things were starting to grind to a halt, so it was the perfect time to sew it all up. People need some tunes right now and I think the artists community is making a good run of it. So much great shit is seeing light right now. 

John and Matt Jones run the Castle Face label with full autonomy, so it would make sense that Metamorphosed, like the 12” Synth, would have been a CF release. Yet, it’s on the very cool Rock Is Hell Records label, which has put out some great Dwyer related jams in the past. The OCS Live In San Francisco album was not only great musically but all the vinyl and sleeve variants made the collectors break out in a fan sweat they’re still probably recovering from. Being able to do all this yourself, it’s obviously cool to still work with Jochen and Rock is Hell. 
Yes, I’ve worked with Jochen a few times over the past decade or more (so he is grandfathered in:))
It’s pretty rare these days that I work outside my own label but his stuff is so well done and usually its own work of art. 

Last question. The fan cannot resist! At any time, were you thinking of making Face Stabber a 3LP set? 
Hell no. But now maybe I am. 

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  1. Music nothing for breakfast. But it is fun to listen to it. There are so many great ideas in this excerpt, what you can hear here.
    Live, will this band really get going!

    The album must be bought!

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