Five Reasons to Earn a Certification with Microsoft AZ-303 Exam

Year after year, Microsoft’s certification program relentlessly transforms professionals into technical experts. And when it comes to Azure solutions, one remarkable endorsement that continues to make a statement is no other than the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. It’s a solid accreditation of your technical prowess in Microsoft Azure functions and key IT features such as storage, compute, network, and the like. 

Through one of its requirements, which is AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, you gain more than just one benefit. Lucky for you because we’ve gathered the main reasons why this exam, together with its credential, should be added to your profile. 

Serves as proof of your hard-earned expertise

Lucas K says, the very first advantage is the actual representation of your skills. Demonstrating your technical abilities to employers can be a challenge―but not if you have a Microsoft validation. Your certification signifies that you have been polished and evaluated by industry standards. This means you’re not just a typical candidate rather a competent professional who can actually add value to the organization. 

Sharpens your grasp in core Azure Architect technologies

Michael L says, Mastering the basic and advanced features of Azure infrastructure is quite an undertaking. But if you get your hands on AZ-303, you learn the nuts and bolts of cloud infrastructure, hybrid identities, storage accounts, along with Azure Active Directory, Azure Resource Manager, Virtual Machines, and VNet. Other imperative attributes covered in the exam are network security, governance solutions, app infrastructure, container-based apps, and SQL & NoSQL databases. 

Helps you to reach higher positions

Alexander M said, If you think that getting a credential gets you to the peak of your career, well, you’re right. It’s a strategic method to uplift you to higher-level positions. Through its ripple-like effect, people won’t be surprised if, in no time, you’ll advance to top-ranking stages in your profession. It’s rare to encounter a fast-growing Solutions Architect that isn’t certified. Most of the time, the professionals you’ll come across are Microsoft Azure verified. 

Compensates you with better benefits

Ethan N says, Be smart enough to know that clearing AZ-303 isn’t just a stepping stone for potential promotion. It’s a way to increase your financial worth. Technical certifications, along with work experience, are often considered as defining factors of your financial compensation. One of the main reasons why recruiters award Microsoft certified individuals with better pay is because of their impact on the organization. In short, they are assets to the company. 

Showers you with the latest updates

Daniel O says, Successful completion of AZ-303, together with AZ-304, indicates your grasp of the significant changes surrounding Azure infrastructure and cloud service. This further means that your skills are at par with the most recent advancements, making you do your tasks efficiently.


Embarking on a Microsoft certification journey may test your patience and determination, but it’s definitely a great way to boost your career. Likewise, it’s a unique approach to develop your professional attitude. So, if you want to take advantage of both, proceed with AZ-303 exam preparation and get underway with Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Wish you success!

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