Yves Jarvis Strikes Approachable & Pastoral On ‘Sundry Rock Song Stock’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Yves Jarvis, the moniker for Canadian musician Jean-Sébastien Audet has already been attached to two stellar albums going into 2020. Now, Jarvis is set to release his third album under that name, Sundry Rock Song Stock. Unlike last year’s, The Same But By Different Means and 2017’s Good Will Come to You Jarvis’ new album is not a collection of short songs, interludes and snippets but a short album consisting of full-length tracks. Jarvis has spent the time to take his knack for melody and song structure and fill out each idea to the length of a memorable track. While he may make less money off his Spotify streams, Sundry may be his most approachable album yet.

As with each Jarvis album, the color spectrum defines the sounds and process of the music itself. The album cover itself was painted by the artist, its green tone used to evoke a certain mood that defined the recording and listening experience of the album. The pastoral tone of these songs also help to cement the natural side of the album-making process, one built on self-sufficiency. Jarvis was living and recording outside while completing the album himself in the Tree Museum in Ontario. That whole schtick works well as a way to analyze the album, but more importantly, it rings true as Jarvis’ honest outlook on his career, so personal that Sundry might as well be self-titled.

“In Every Mountain” and “For Props” best typify the bucolic tone of Sundry. With their hushed harmonies and acoustic backing, they sound as close to nature as you can get while still maintaining Jarvis’ trademark production. He sounds care-free and laid back, pulling from Justin Vernon and Real Estate equally, while making his most effortless success yet. Sundry Rock Song Stock is a breezy trip through the life of a confident and naturalistic performer, someone whose best work still may be ahead of him.

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