Why Play N Go Is The Industry Software Development Leader

Founded in 2005, Play N Go are industry leaders in games software development. They create unique, highly rated casino games for a variety of channels, including online casino websites and land-based venues. They have developed over 40 different games in 30 different languages. They don’t just develop games, but also back-office tools that allow gambling companies to carry out surveillance and marketing including customized tools specific to their clients’ needs.

Play N Go slot games are some of the most popular on the casino market, due to their creative themes and in-game music selection. 

They have a huge variety of themes, some of their spooky horror-themed slots include Rise of Dead and House of Doom. For those looking for some more light-hearted fun, their slots such as Jolly Roger, Super Flip and Street Magic. Or if you are feeling particularly lucky, you can take a few spins on Irish Gold or Leprechaun Goes Wild. These are just some of the many great games you can play on Play N Go casino sites, find more of their offerings listed here.

A recognizable part of the Play N Go brand in their slots in the background music in each of their games. Having good music to accompany gameplay is essential in creating the overall atmosphere within the game and enabling fun and memorable experiences for players.

This developer has even gone as far as using creating a slot game around a musical genre. House of Doom is perhaps one of their most popular games and has been particularly well received by fans of heavy metal. This slot is a five-reel game with 10 fixed pay lines and a number of exciting features.

The backing track for House of Doom was created by award-winning Swedish band Candlemass. Candlemass are a well-known doom metal band from Stockholm, the song (also titled House of Doom) was also released in 2018 as a much-anticipated single track in Sweden. This project was a first for the developer, and for slots in general. While there are a whole host of slot games based on popular music artists or bands, a genre-based game is certainly new territory for the company. This game appeals not only to the loyal Candlemass fan base but to all those who enjoy heavy/doom metal in general. In addition to casino game players who fancy trying out something different from the typical games they play.

House of Doom isn’t the only slot with great background music, many of the developer’s other games also draw players in with their catchy tunes. One such game is Golden Ticket Two. This carnival-themed slot is accompanied by sound effects reminiscent of a circus performance, with the audience cheering as you win a line or free spin. The player is made to feel as though they are the performer taking centre stage, adding to the excitement and thrill of the game. 

Similarly, the music in the Gold Volcano slot game helps to create a fun and immersive experience for players. The orchestral music creates tension and matches the speedy pace of the game, and with each spin the sound of lightning crashing down and the volcano’s deep rumbling add to the excitement as the game progresses. 

There are also games to fit in with special occasions. The Xmas Magic slot is a festive game that is bound to help players get into the spirit of Christmas. The cheery backing track is mood-lifting and is enhanced by a merry jingle that sounds every time the symbols line up. This is a truly magical game and shows how the right music can impact a player’s emotions. 

Not for the faint of heart, Demon is a hell themed slot that looks and sounds rather spooky. As you spin you will hear the faint chanting of hell’s inhabitants and the chilling groan of the demon character. Further into the game the player will hear a catchy underworld themed rock song. This game is a tribute to the English rock band Demon, who were once one of the most famous bands on the heavy metal scene. 

These games are just a few examples of Play N Go’s slot games with a strong musical component. This developer’s unique creations illustrate the power the music has within casino games. Not only does it help to set the scene and create an immersive game, it also has the ability to influence the player’s emotions. Games featuring songs from bands also make excellent tributes and enable fans to experience their favorite tracks in a new way. 

There are endless gaming options for Play N Go to explore in the future, with there being a  huge range of genres and music types that can be molded into the perfect backing tracks for new slot games. 


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