VIDEO PREMIERE: Heran Soun Rewards Ears With Effervescent Electronica On “A Picture of a Woman”

If there ever was an album title that most perfectly explains an artist’s journey – it might belong to Hēran Soum and his debut Undeaf.

Born with severe hearing loss, which over time deteriorated into a total loss, James Freeman-Tuner underwent multiple operations and years of speech therapy to regain his hearing and voice. A beginning that could only give a unique perspective, his productions are fresh and truly memorable, his songs are peculiar but also familiar, the irregular rhythms and structures are shocking but tasteful. Add to that, years of devotion and a unique opportunity offered to him – the keys to a world-class recording studio owned by the son of Roy Lichtenstein – and you get unabashed freedom to explore his own ideas in music. Living in an RV in the parking lot of 25th Street Studio Oakland, Ca. he would sleep through the days to have free reign of the studio at night, jumping from a grand piano to a drum kit, to his original, beaten up, nylon guitar; he crafted his ambitious attempt to create what he wanted to hear.

Hēran Soun’s Undeaf is due out October 9 and Glide is thrilled to premiere the video for “A Picture of a Woman” (below) a riveting soundscape collage that combines the electro experiments of The Dirty Projectors and Sufjan Stevens. Hēran Soun isn’t an immediate listen, yet if your ears are patient, both this track and the rest of Undeaf adds up to one of the year’s most rewarding listens.

“I got to be one of Nicola Delorme’s (Photographer) subjects when I was in Paris, I love his work and this Polaroid project he is constantly adding to (if you haven’t seen it, do search it out). I was still working on the song and sent him an early version to hopefully work together on the cover art and video. To me, it was a perfect fit! Personally, the song is about one person, but the collaboration and his project opened it up to be the subjective perfection in any lover’s eye,” says Freeman Turner.

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