Nikki O’Neill Blends Soul, Blues and Gospel on ‘World Is Waiting’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Nikki O’Neill is an artist who was born and lives in Los Angeles, but spent her childhood in Stockholm in a tri-lingual household. The record player in that house in Stockholm played a lot of records by Al Green and other soul artists. That soul music was absorbed and is now a big component in O’Neill’s music.

On her new album World Is Waiting, she blends not only soul, but also gospel and blues. As is the case with a lot of musicians, O’Neill’s album was delayed by the situation with COVID-19. Of the new album, she said, “I feel very grateful that World Is Waiting is finally out, so you can hear the amazing performances on it and what we created together.”

The DJs at Little Steven’s Underground Garage advertise the channel as “maximum rock and soul”. That being the case, Nikki O’Neill is perfect for the channel. There is plenty of soul in these songs. You can hear it in the bass lines and the organ. At the same time, you hear a fair amount of rock in the guitar while the vocals perfectly straddle rock and soul.

In addition to soul, you can also hear some gospel influence. It comes through particularly in the backing vocals. “That’s How You Lose Her” is a great example of this. The chorus of this song (as well as the organ) will make you feel like you’ve been taken to church.  

O’Neill never strains her voice. Her vocal delivery is smooth and easy, and her voice is perfect for the blend of rock and soul throughout this album. She brings a little rockabilly flavor to the vocals of “All I Want To Be Is Yours”. At times during the song she sounds similar to Lara Hope.

This album only has seven songs, but in that short time, O’Neill shows her strength as a singer and songwriter. On top of that, the recording is extraordinarily clean. It almost feels like you’re in the room with the band when you hear these songs. The album may have been delayed by COVID-19, but it is worth the wait.

Photocredit: Deb Morrison-Litell/Shots by Morrison

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