Four Simple Musical Instruments To Learn In College

Four Simple Musical Instruments to Learn While in College

How do you spend your free time in college? Are you searching for a hobby? Music presents a perfect past time for a college student. Everybody likes music, but not everyone can play an instrument. Even your favorite artist might not know how to play a musical instrument.

Why Learn Music in College?

Most college students have a misconception that learning a musical instrument is nearly impossible. It is a pure myth that you have to pursue a music career while at a tender age. It is not easy learning a musical instrument. It is the same way it’s hard to learn how to ride a bike, swim, skydive, or take part in the Olympics. It takes practice. The first step towards learning this art is by disregarding any notion from your mindset.

Most colleges are doing away with music classes due to competition from other courses. Arts is no longer a vibrant course to pursue. However, a significant part of our country’s revenue comes from art. It is not mining, infrastructure development, or marketing. It is simply a few arts that keep pushing our country’s economy.

Learning a musical instrument can be a God-given privilege. Who can turn down the urge to play a musical instrument for their college friends while on break? It is the perfect way to make friends. Motivation and discipline can see you become a guru in a particular musical set.

Why Is Musical Instrument Selection Important?

Most college students are eager to try each musical instrument in front of them. Some dream of performing in front of a large crowd. You need to select an instrument that suits you first before getting ahead of yourself.

Different instruments require a certain time to learn them. You could spend up to a year learning how to play the violin, while a month when learning how to play the piano. Therefore, you need to ensure you have the patience to complete your sessions without giving up.

Furthermore, artists are drawn to musical instruments. It is not about choosing the instrument, but the instrument choosing you. It would help if you had a burning passion for learning a particular instrument. You can subscribe to an essay writer to sort you out if you get stuck with the assignment. It would help if you had ample time to dedicate to your instrument.

The Easiest Instruments to Learn

Here is a compilation of some of the easiest instruments you can learn while in college and become a pro.


First off, the ukulele is not expensive. It fits perfectly into your college budget. It is super fun and among the most accessible instruments to learn. It comprises only four strings, unlike the six strings in a guitar. It is simple to pick up different chords. In a week, you could be playing your favorite songs in your dorm room. You can look for online classes from experts to get a drift of different skills to incorporate in your style.


The harmonica is a multipurpose instrument used for music genres such as blues, country, folk, and jazz music. It is a perfect choice, especially for a beginner. You do not need any background knowledge before starting to play the instrument. A significant advantage of the instrument is that you can hit any note and still be in key. Furthermore, it is highly portable and can fit in your back pocket when heading to class.


Salsa fans cannot do away with the urge to dance around some bongo beats. The origin of the Bongos goes back to Cuba and contains two drums conjoined. It has a simple style compared to learning from a full drum set. You get to experience thrilling percussive sounds while at it. You can graduate to other percussion instruments quickly.


Learning a piano might seem like a tough nut to crack at first. It looks a bit difficult learning about coordinating with both hands. It is one of the easiest instruments to learn as an adult. All the notes needed lay in front of you. It is common to hit some wrong notes, but it is also shared with other instruments.

You must have patience when learning how to play a musical instrument as an adult. The first day seems like a honeymoon, but it becomes frustrating after the first week. It is important to remember that practice makes perfect. There are many instruments you can try to increase your skills without any stress.

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