FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: Halloween Week: Zombie Americana’s Cryptically Contagious Self Titled Debut LP

Zombie Americana’s self titled debut LP (out 10/30) is a rock opera set to the tone of a country on the brink of a societal collapse. Singer-songwriter Bryce Fox and songwriter-producer Ross Ryan (whom engineered, produced and mixed the entire 10 songs) came together in the summer of 2018 to begin work on a collaborative EP – which quickly turned into a much greater effort.

“It was just us two in a room, alone, just thinking with our hearts and our feelings rather than with our heads on what’s going to fit or what’s going to make sense for both our projects”.

What resulted was a cornucopia of influences, from 90s boom-bap hip-hop to punk-rock riffs and piano ballad moments. Almost as if the two were channeling a future yet to come, they let the album of material marinate on their hard drives for over a year before seeking a means of release.

“Upon listening to the work again almost a year later, it just made so much sense to us, so we coined a name and came up with an aesthetic, which didn’t take much effort as it was all laid out in the lyrics for us.”

Touching on topics of a self-absorbed culture, immersed in their phones, vacant of independent thought, relying on clever headlines and what the latest celebrity influencer has prepared to force-feed the masses – the timing couldn’t feel more perfect as we race to election day next week and Halloween this Saturday.

Glide is premiering this ten-track album of hi-jinks and cryptic electricity that rains from the worlds of Twenty One Pilots to Beck, yet maintains a requisite middle finger to the status quo. Check it out in its entirety below..

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