LISTEN: lùisa Delivers Melodic Grace On Spirited “Late Summer Day”

German alt-pop singer-songwriter lùisa brings a brooding and openhearted new single entitled ‘Late Summer Day.’ With an intimate delivery and rich vocals reminiscent of Laura Marling and Aimee Mann. lùisa possesses a sharp sense of melody and cadence as she smoothly navigates a sultry piano-led instrumental with a cool and confident delivery. Glide was stunned by her charming delivery and optimistic nod…check out “Late Summer Day” below…

’Late Summer Day’ is about letting go of a toxic relationship. It’s about the insight that sometimes the ones we love are not the ones we can be with anymore. This clarifying moment of self-empowerment is coming in like a long awaited, fresh rainfall on a late summer day, that finally washes away the oppressive, sticky heat. Sometimes we are the ones to cut ourselves loose from something or someone that holds us back,” says Luisa.


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