LISTEN: Josa Barck Shares Catchy AF Synth Rocker “Twentytwenty(1)”

There is something unmistakably optimistic evolving around the Danish artist Josa Barck. This optimism manifests itself in the lyrics and the dreamy soundscapes Barck creates. An entire universe engulfed in an essential underlying trust in the future without losing sight of the beauty of the present. With an extraordinary musicality, he demonstrates with joy and ability how one can challenge the ordinary Pop-schematics.

“Twentytwenty(1)” is the new single from Danish rising star, Josa Barck where he molds the synthy creative flair of Sparks and the ingenuity of Cut Copy. On ‘Twentytwenty(1)’ Barck smoothly surfs an 80’s inspired instrumental pop-infused track thats catchy AF. Let’s let these good bouncy melodies ride us through the rest of the week…

“It seems that there is a sound of a decade that has opened itself to me. Once everyone had this sort of ironic distance to the music from the late 70’s and the 80’s – shoulder pads and corny synthesizers. It is an aesthetic I have been culturally blind towards – and there seems to be an underlying sense of apocalypse beneath it all. With the Cold War, the fear of nuclear disasters and whatnot – it all serves as an incredibly strong counterpart to the often very polished music. I find that very relatable to the world of today,” says Barck.



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