Five Best Music Streaming Apps To Choose This Year

All of us without doubt love listening to music, be it whatever we do. It could be when we are working out, or even we cook, the simple act of working in the office and listening to calming music can be a great stress buster. Research even claims that music stimulates your brain and helps you relax and focus on your task better. So, which are the best music apps you should be looking for when you want one?


Spotify premium allows you to stream high quality music as well as check out the lyrics of every song. You can also download the songs on the app for later anytime, or for offline use but this only works if you have the premium version of the app downloaded. If you do not, you cannot download the songs and there will be a lot of ads popping in between. Students can purchase the app at five dollars per month, while for an adult it is priced at ten dollars and a family plan comes at the price of fifteen dollars where you can have up to six accounts. If you are a creator or music composer then the best thing about Spotify is that, you can buy Spotify plays for your songs or playlists as it will help you in getting more money for your music. They have great playlists that are curated according to your taste and mood, and you can even share your playlists with friends and family on various platforms. You can also curate a private list for yourself, and no one else will know about this playlist or can even see it, other than you. You can even add your own music, and previously there used to be a limit of ten thousand songs but Spotify has removed that limit and you can upload any number of songs.

Apple Music.

Like Spotify, this has a very similar pay plan. The rivalry between Spotify and Apple music has created so much confusion for IOS users, as to choose which one. For students it is priced at five dollars per month, an adult it is priced at ten dollars per month and the family plan can have up to six accounts and will be priced at fifteen dollars per month. This music has exclusive albums and tracks that you will find only in the iTunes store. The surprising fact about this is that Apple music is even available on Android devices and Samsung devices as well. You can even upload your very own personal music on iCloud music library but the only disadvantage is that you will need a laptop to that, and it should have the iTunes software downloaded or you should own a Mac to be able to upload your music.

Amazon Music Unlimited.

For students, the price per month is one dollar, while for individuals it is priced at ten dollars per month, and if you are a prime member, then it is priced at eight dollars per month. The family plan comes at fifteen dollar per month and allows up to six accounts. It has a vast array of music to choose from and can be even controlled by voice commands on a number of devices. Not only that amazon prime members get two dollar discount, and if they choose to go with the annual subscription, they just have to pay eighty dollars for a year. Though, if you have your own music to upload, you may find yourself at the shorter end of the stick because Amazon has limited the option of the music you browse and stream, or have purchased from Amazon before. 

Deezer Premium 

Students have to pay five dollars per month, an individual working has to pay ten dollars per month or it could even be one twenty dollars per year, and the family plan comes at fifteen dollars per month and you can use up to six accounts. This was first introduced and started in France, and a non premium account gives you a thirty second preview of tracks, but eventually to play a complete track there will be ads. If you choose to purchase the premium then obviously without doubt, there will be no ads. What makes this app different from the rest is that it has a feature called the Deezer flow which based on your feedback, generates a mix of your favorites and new tracks. You can also upload your personal tracks but it is limited to two thousand such tracks and has to be in the MP3 format.

Pandora Plus

This premium version of this app comes for ten dollars per month, and the plus version of this app comes for five dollars per month. You can watch podcasts and comedy in this, as well as listen to various songs and tracks. You can choose whichever tracks you want and has completely album focused services.

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