LISTEN: Juice Webster Shakes Off The Blues With Serene “Let The Dog Out”

Arriving fully formed in late 2019 with the independent release of her debut EP, You Who Was Myself, Melbourne based singer-songwriter Juice Webster has channeled her energy in connecting to her local community of supporters, friends, fans and family. She began performing intimate shows in Melbourne’s local bars and cafes, clubs and gardens, with support growing inch by inch, at every step and stage. Not only did local radio, blogs, other artists and all those who encountered her refreshing take on an age old genre adore her music, they began sharing it to all of those around them.

Finally, after almost a year later, Juice returns with her latest single ‘Let The Dog Out’. It’s a song that seeks to address those heavy feelings we sometimes all get when thinking about life’s ‘big questions’. As she explores how even though we may try our best to shake those feelings off, whether it’s by going for a walk, being around other people, or just trying to believe in something greater than ourselves, sometimes we’re just not able to.

The track was produced with Juice’s partner, Simon Lam, in Blairgowrie during the early stages of 2020. In its recording, you can almost feel the hazy, lazy environment in which ‘Let The Dog Out’ was laid down. That summer energy hanging softly in the air. You can feel it in every word Juice sings and between the strums of her guitar. It’s tender alt-rock like you’ve never heard before.

This down tempo rock tune is simple and holds a direct sentiment. You wake up, take the dog out, and the world sets in. Feelings of heaviness begin to make their way into your morning, into your consciousness. Sometimes we can’t stop the inevitability of life’s stressors but thanks to Juice Webster we have an anthem for dealing with the pressures of the day. Check it out below,…

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