SONG PREMIERE: Mohama Saz Take Us Across Psychedelic Sonic Dimensions on “Migajas”

Mohama Saz

Write-up by By David Haynes

Mohama Saz is a one of a kind entity made up of members from other Spanish musical projects with cult followings such as: RIP KC, Melange or Novak to name a few.

Their unique sound is made up from a blend of Javier Alonso electric Baglama Saz; the hypnotic rhythm of Sergio Ceballos on bass guitar and Adrian Ceballos on drums; the tribal percussions of Ruben Mingo; the jazz virtuoso Arturo Pueyo on Sax, clarinet and bass clarinet and the latest addition of the genius Iñigo Cabezafuego on synth and samplers. The band’s new album Quemar las naves will be released ‪on December 11th‬ by Mock Records in USA and Humo Records in Spain.

So many bands take a minimalist approach to crafting their songs these days. Modern mixes have grown sparse, erring on the side of caution. Take Billie Eilish’s hit single “Bad Guy,” for example. It’s a slick sound, with a simple backbone that forces the audience to listen to Eilish’s vocals. And there’s nothing wrong with this approach! However, it’s always refreshing to hear a band buck the trends. Enter Mohama Saz.

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Mohama Saz list their influences as Sun Ra, Coltrane, Ennio Morricone, and Talking Heads. Out of this ooze of 70s influences, the members of Mohama Saz have crafted a psych rock sound that is bold and beautiful.

On their newest single, “Migajas,” the band creates a dense mix that features verbed-out guitars, saxophone, and loads of auxiliary percussion. Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the track, which finds the band offering variations on a musical theme, with the guitar and vocals often simultaneously playing the main melody. As brass instruments and synthesizers swirl on top of the groove maintained by the drums, bass, and aux percussion, Mohama Saz lets us know they are taking us into a new world. One where we’re either the superhero in a spy movie, or we’re the tipsy patron at the bar watching a world class band at the top of their game.

The performances from the band remind me of late 60s or early 70s live R&B performances. I can imagine the stage strewn with congas, keyboards, and men in brightly-colored suits. For as much as “Migajas” feels like a throwback, it’s also a breath of fresh air in a modern musical landscape that values “slick” production over complex arrangements. Mohama Saz have managed to do the Sisyphean task of making a song sound both new and old. If you’re looking for a spooky groove for the dark winter months ahead, I can’t recommend “Migajas” enough.

Stream the song below, and read an exclusive interview with the band…

What were you listening to when you recorded “Migajas?”

We usually listen to a lot of Anatolian Rock, that is why the song “Migajas” sounds so heavenly influenced by Boris Manco, Selda Bargan or current bands like Altin Gün. We love these sounds and on our latest album “Migajas” is the song that most clearly captures these influences.

What is the writing process like for Mohama Saz? It seems like a song like “Migajas” would come from long jam sessions, but do you write with a structure in mind?

Yes, we think that “Migajas” has a pop structure, but with a long instrumental part close to a jam session, with a sax solo floating in a crescendo sonic texture, to find a climax and return to the pop rule. We usually create songs out of details, like a riff or a little melody and develop it in our rehearsals. But in the case of Migajas, Javier brought a practically complete structure from the beginning.

How is the scene in Madrid?

Although Madrid is very much alive right now, with lots of bands and a high volume of creative output, we do not identify ourselves with the Madrid music scene. Our sound is broad, eclectic and not easily categorized.

Is “Migajas” part of an album? When can we expect the rest?

Yes, it is. “Migajas” is one of the songs from the new Mohama Saz’s album which is called Quemar las naves, which roughly translates to “burn the ships” in english. This is our fourth album since we recorded “Mora Irán” in 2014.
The new album will be released ‪on December 11th‬ by Mock Records in USA and Humo Records in Spain.

What’s next for Mohama Saz?

We want to tour a soon as possible and go to the US to share our music with the american audience.

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