SONG PREMIERE: Juana Everett’s “Drifter of Love” Is Winning Recipe Of Visceral Pop

Singer/songwriter Juana Everett semi-recently moved her home in Spain halfway across the world to L.A. But that wasn’t the only change the pristine voiced songstress had in mind- it was also her sound. Everett had the foresight to shift to a more insightful, personal and eclectic folk/indie rock. In early 2021, Everett will release her debut LP, Move Ona nine-track collection of insightful, emotive folk-tinged indie-rock that chronicles the songwriter’s experience immigrating from Madrid to Los Angeles and the accompanying isolation, heartache, inspiration & rebirth.

Many of Everett’s songs for Move On were written during this transitory stage. “When I decided to leave Spain and move to the U.S.…it was at a time in my life that was more emotionally delicate than I realized,” she explains. Everett left an unhealthy relationship along with difficult family issues, so the relocation came during a particularly unsettling time. Tt took a while to return to that period to fully explore it with honesty, transforming her feelings into tunes.  “I wrote most of the songs in my first and second year in L.A. It wasn’t until then that I could record some demos.” After examining that material, Everett recognized the larger picture was a reflection of this chapter of her life. “It had to do with moving on to something different, something new, and letting go of the past.”

Glide is proud to premiere the autobiographical “Drifter of Love”, (below) a punctuating expression of melodic rock that fit into the 90’s college rock scene ala Liz Phair and today’s alt-country scene alongside Lydia Loveless. It opens the set with “Early in the summer of 2016/Brave as I could be I left my home/I wasn’t sure of what I was chasing/why I carried on,” as Everett follows her muse while retaining a free-spirited ethos.

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