LISTEN: Oskar Nordbø Offers Exultant Wintry Folk Stunner Via “The Flood”

Oskar Nordbø combines elements of folk, indie, and country to craft his very own, unique sound of indie-folk. Gravitating towards honest and organic productions, Oskar draws inspiration from masterminds such as Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth, and Phoebe Bridgers, resulting in a rough, edgy soundscape with catchy melodies, well-crafted lyrics, all wrapped in beautiful melancholy.

With powerful delivery and sustained clarity, Oskar Nordbø’s new single “The Flood” (below) is a chilling and epic indie-folk triumph. Nordbø smoothly juxtaposes pounding and soothing instrumentation with an honest  lyrical delivery resulting in an exuberant buildup that is a crisp autumn stunner,

“The Flood is inspired by “Re:stacks” by Bon Iver, and the Big Red Machine’s “Hymnostic.” The song is a meditation on the biblical flood as a symbol of the primordial chaos. And the symbolic link between the flood and baptism,” says Nordbø.

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