LISTEN: Curtis Roach Crafts Smooth Lyrical Vibe Via Positive “Bamboo Lounge (Poppin’).”

Back in 2015 Curtis Roach, a Detroit native, dropped his debut mixtape The Avenue followed by “Highly Caffeinated” in late 2017, a mixtape that Pitchfork called “comforting” with “warmth and familiarity.” In 2019, the 20-year-old released his debut EP Lellow, a project that showed the depth of his lyrical repertoire. Curtis went on to release the 4-song EP Luv Bug in early 2020, which DJ Booth called “a light bouquet of tenderness.” Curtis is colorful, he’s real, and his mission is to let us all know we are not alone. “I want to encourage people to be themselves and love themselves more than anything.”

On March 4thRoach uploaded a 15-second song to TikTok, a song that came to be known as “Bored In The House.” As most of the globe was forced into self-isolation, Roach’s ennui resonated with the world. The clip has garnered over a billion views and more than seven million videos have been created using the song. “Bored in the House” soon became known as the coronavirus quarantine anthem. Shortly after the clip reached a critical high, Tyga hopped on the track, it now has over 50 million streams worldwide.

Roach has delivered a smooth AF new single, “Bamboo Lounge (Poppin’),” where the lyricist offers sentimental wisdom and charming lyrical delivery years ahead of his time. Backed by a warm and buttery instrumental, Roach cuts the beat up with style and chic, while pushing a positive message of self-adoration, positive visualization, hard work, and focus. Check out the crafty results below…

“I was going through a four month writer’s block back in July. I didn’t really know what to talk about so I decided to look back and reflect the best I could. I’m thankful for where I came from just as much as where I am now,” says Roach about the song.

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