SONG PREMIERE: Arsun Offers Splendid Beat Folk Via Brooding “Bleed In Vain”

New York City’s Arsun continues to make ear pay attention to his rather unassuming take on beat rock, where the worlds of The Velvet Underground dwell with The Strokes.

Glide is premiering his latest single “Bleed In Vain” (below) a nugget of brooding openheartedness resulting in a folk-rock diamond as if an outtake off Beck’s Sea Change. Whatever this artist/actor/model has thrown against his musical palette has come up gold so far. Stay tuned to his full-length LP…

“The song is supposed to have a feeling like you’re walking through molasses. The recording session was late at night and I was tired, might’ve even been sick, and that’s how it’s supposed to feel. It’s supposed to feel like the time between late night and early morning. I think the song is more about the atmosphere than the specific meaning, it can really mean whatever you want it to.”

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