LISTEN: Kuma Overdose (Feat. Sam Blehar) Get Jazzy on Joao Gilberto Influenced “Bawling Nola”

London based producer and artist Kuma Overdose is a carefree fusion of cultural traditions and musical styles. Kuma Overdose grew up in the L.A suburbs in an Asian American household. Studying jazz, he quickly learned to write and produce hip hop; the resulting fusion sound debuted on his 2019 EP: ‘Lofty’ which received acclaim from a range of online blogs and tastemakers. His music is playful and experimental without going too far from his cultural routes and various stylistic influences. He often blends traditional Asian sounds with Western styles.

Kuma Overdose cruises into our ears with his light-hearted and Fender Rhodes driven cool new single “Bawling Nola” (below). A true genre-bender (or maybe genre crusher) Kuma radiates musical understanding, blending hip-hop, synth-pop and jazz fusion, he sets the scene for collaborator Sam Blehar’s casual and on-point opening verse. Almost seeming like a freestyle intro from Blehar, it’s real and it’s perfect – then boom – Sam Blehar comes in with tight, authentic flow, and quick-witted lyrical design.

“My inspiration here is Joao Gilberto. I have been listening to his music since I was a kid, and I always wanted to make something that is inspired by his light Bossa Nova style. I just want to make people feel that wholesome moment when they hear this song, leaving all anxieties behind,” says Kuma.

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